The era of incandescent lamp is coming

Incandescent bulbs will be banned, and everyday lighting will be converted to new sources of light such as energy-saving or LED lamps. LED lights, in particular, are the general trend of future lighting due to their advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon. In the growing LED lighting camp, a rechargeable LED bulb may become a new choice for daily lighting in China due to its advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, versatility and good emergency performance. As the name implies, the rechargeable LED bulb can be charged in addition to its high efficiency, energy saving, durability, low carbon and environmental protection features. When a sudden power failure occurs, the bulb can keep on lighting. With the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection as well as the continuous improvement of the product itself, this rechargeable LED bulb has been relatively mature in the overseas market and has been welcomed by more and more families, especially students. Since it can be installed on almost any indoor lighting lamp holder such as lamp, chandelier, etc., as well as its rechargeable and easy to carry characteristics, rechargeable LED bulb is popular in Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries, becoming the first choice product for foreign families to choose indoor lighting tools as well as outdoor lighting tools such as tourism and camping. At the same time, the rechargeable LED bulb can also solve the problem of students’ night reading and enjoy the convenience brought by it.


Post time: Oct-23-2018