Health lamps and lanterns, environmental protection life

Choose appropriate lamps and lanterns is an important step in domestic decorating, in lamps and lanterns market often can see 3 people will choose lamp act the role of together, visible people is opposite to lamps and lanterns value. On the market of lamps and lanterns is multifarious, from internal structure to external form state have very big distinction, but often the lamps and lanterns of the odd-looking more attract people’s attention, but choose lamps and lanterns is not only see appearance, and in the past, people only pursuit the appearance of lamp act the role ofing compared to good or not, now people also pay attention to the use of lighting and the light is green. Accordingly, fashionable, individual character, energy-saving, environmental protection lamp ACTS the role of already became the popular new trend that lives in adornment nowadays. 1. Pay attention to the choice of lighting color. People have direct feelings towards lighting. Be like now certain lamp ACTS the role of the art effect that pursues lamplight, can design the lamp ACTS the role of the blue light, green light, such lamps and lanterns is used in bar or special occasion still can, if be used in the family, happen your facial expression is not quite good again, so set off gives your face to be met more horrible. Similarly, the intensity of the lights should not be too strong, to avoid people under the lights to move the feeling of irritability. Contrary photograph, if your bedroom happens to be shady, common do not have sunshine illuminate, so you are necessary in the bedroom put a long lamp or the lamp with more downy light is long illume. Such not only can alleviate the person’s mood, can let light drive the bad luck of indoor likewise. 2. Pay attention to the strong and weak light, which cannot harm the eyes. Especially for children, the light of lighting is more important, because they need to use their eyes in the light for a short distance. Now the product such as the eye lamp of energy-saving effect on the market, healthy lamp that protects children’s eyesight, desk lamp that purifies air, let children bedroom enhance beautiful colour while, also enhanced the healthy index of the bedroom. The most important is, healthy lamps and lanterns is also energy-saving lamp is provided, be helpful to help a child to set up healthy consumption idea so. 3. Pay attention to the use of lighting materials to be healthy and environmentally friendly. New illume standard makes a regulation to the glare of lamps and lanterns, our lamps and lanterns is about to consider above all glare control is reasonable, if dazzle control is bad, reflector must improve. Now the metal, plastic and other materials used in the market for lamps and other products, many of them have been upgraded to meet the environmental protection indicators. Accordingly, consumer is in when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, must do to lamps and lanterns material to understand roughly above all, examine lamps and lanterns personally, in order to ensure lamps and lanterns material is really environmental protection.

Post time: Oct-23-2018